Screw Feeders

Screw Feeders

Screw feeders and live bottoms are among the most accurate and efficient ways of metering bulk materials in industrial processes. They are commonly used in applications where bulk materials are discharged from hoppers, bins, or silos. The inlet area is designed to meter bulk materials at fixed or variable rates.

Application Area:

Screw feeders and live bottoms are ideal for metering a wide variety of bulk materials, from sluggish to free-flowing.

Customization options:

  • Bulk materials are discharged in mass-flow or first-in, first-out with uniform flow. This eliminates bridging or rat-holing of bulk materials in the hopper.
  • GREENING screw feeders can handle metering capacities up to 10,000 cubic feet per hour.
  • Custom Engineering: Screw feeders are custom engineered to meet the specific requirements of a particular application. This ensures optimal performance and accuracy.
    • Design Flexibility: Screw feeders can be designed as single or multiple-screw configurations depending on hopper design and required feed rate. This offers greater flexibility in system design.
    • Variable Frequency Drives: Screw feeders can be designed with variable frequency drives (VFDs) to provide a wide range of feed rates to downstream processes. This enables the system to adapt to varying process requirements.
    • Wide Range of Construction Materials: GREENING screw feeders are available in various construction materials, including Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, and abrasion-resistant alloys. This ensures the feeder is compatible with the bulk material and the environment it operates in.
    • Flight Configurations: Flight configurations are designed to suit the material characteristics, such as variable pitch, mass-flow, or tapered flight. This ensures efficient material handling and minimal waste.
    • High Torque Drive Units: Screw feeders are equipped with high torque drive units to start under heavy load conditions. This ensures reliable and consistent performance.
    • Totally Enclosed Design: Screw feeders are designed to be totally enclosed, which eliminates dust or vapor emissions. This ensures a safe and clean working environment.
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