Diverter valves

Diverter valves


  • Flow control and diverter valves play a critical role in bulk solid handling systems by regulating flow rates and changing conveying directions of powders, pellets and granular bulk materials. GREENING offers a broad range of flow control and diverter valves for handling dry bulk material in pneumatic conveying and gravity flow applications, including customized valves.

Application Area:

  • Diverter valves are utilized to direct granules, powders, or pellets in the pipeline while minimizing degradation.

Salient Features:

  • A wide range of construction materials is offered to reduce corrosion or abrasion.
  • Built with heavy-duty construction to increase life and reduce downtime.
  • Features a totally enclosed design to eliminate dust or vapor emissions.
  • Equipped with a custom seal design to prevent material leakage.
  • Includes a removable maintenance door to access and maintain seals and gate blades.
  • Can be controlled manually, with pneumatic actuators or electrical motors.



GREENING's diverter valves are used in a variety of industries, including aggregate, cement, chemical, mining, and wastewater treatment industries, to regulate the flow of bulk materials.

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